Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Fishing Guide Service Report: 4/13/2014

Hey Gang - Well, the recent warm weather has certainly done alot for the fishing as you can see from the attached. We have been busting some Monster Swamp Donkeys this past week including several spots over 5 pounds! It has already been a lot of fun with much more to come... For the bigger fish, we have been working the main lake. Main lake points and humps are holding these toads right now. The depth at which you find them varies with the daily conditions. We have caught them in 12 to 30 feet over the last week. Stay flexible with your approach and check shallow to deep. Deeper docks have also spit up some of these pigs, so check your favorite docks with deep water nearby. Cover around the dock is a plus also. As far as presentations, our most reliable presentations have been a Shaky Head worm with a number of different types and styles of worms. Again, it just depends on the day. Vary your plastic selections from lighter to darker colors and longer to shorter styles until you find one that works. If you are getting bites and no fish, downsize and/or change color. When the wind is up and the fish are moving, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits have worked well. Again, let the conditions dictate your choices. We have also found a good "numbers" pattern up shallow. A shaky head worm up around the old weed lines is working well right now. We have also been casting a dropshot to these fish when they present as more finicky. A fluke is starting to work in these areas as well and should only get better as the water continues to warm and the spawn continues. A fluke around docks is too fun! Focus on creek arms and pockets as well as main lake pockets for the best activity. If you have been waiting for the bite to get "easy", it is here! Time to book your spring trip! I wanted to share that I have been working with the Trokar line of hooks recently, and I have found their drop shot and worm hooks to be unreal in both sharpness and performance which equals more caught fish! If you have not tried these hooks, I encourage you to try these or any presentation specific hooks you need. Trokar is the real deal! Hammonds, Oakwood, and Sherrys all have a good supply so check 'em out. I am booked this coming week and only have the following days left open for April: 22, 25, 29, 30. I am also booking for May so give me a ring and get your date on the books as soon as you can. With the cold winter, I have alot of customers making up for lost time so dates are going fast! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo For fishing reports on other GA Lakes, check out:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

JImbo's Lake Lanier Spotted Bass Guide Service Fishing Report: 3/29/2014

Hey Gang - Man it has been awhile since my last report. I apologize for the long delay. Up until March, business had been pretty slow due to the weather and I had only been fishing sporadically, and therefore only had limited information to report. March hit, our first big warm front came, and I have not slowed down since. I have been out on 5-6 trips a week over the past few weeks, rain, shine, or cold. It has been awesome and I am so grateful for all of my faithful customers - Thank You! Most of my business lately has been comprised of tournament anglers, so I am somewhat thin on photos, but I have shared a few recent ones above. Out of respect for those individuals with whom I have been working and their upcoming derbies, I am going to keep the specifics in this report to a minimum. I think all of you that know me understand that rather than sharing inaccurate or misleading information in any situation, I will always share truthful information, albeit sometimes brief and more general in nature, as is the case here. Now, onto the fishing portion of our broadcast.... I have been focused on the south end for the most part over the past few weeks. I have ventured up north a few times with some success, but have mainly been south of Browns Bridge. We have been hitting both creeks and main lake and found productive patterns for both. The fish are definitely behind where they should be right now due to the cold water temps. There are some good fish to be caught right now, but you have to work for them. There has been a good jerkbait bite for big fish as well. If you aren't catching them, stay with it and change locations. My other productive baits have been a Fish Head Spin and a Shaky Head worm, and sometime a jig. Yesterday, in the rain, we enjoyed an excellent day. We hammered fish on a worm from 11 am - 4 PM. Our smallest was 2.5 and our biggest was close to 4, and we caught 15 or more in that range, with several over 3 pounds. The previous two days had been a predominant morning bite, but yesterday proved true to the conditions and the current moon phase, and they bit mid-day. We have been sacking up some good largemouth as well. We have found 3 pounders very shallow consistently over the last week. The bigger ones for us have been more in the mid-depth ranges around docks and hitting a jerkbait pretty well. That should all change with upcoming warming trend. If the 10-day forecast holds, look for the lake to bust wide open in the next couple of weeks. I am booked up for March, and only have the following dates remaining for April: 7, 11, 15, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30. My April dates have been going fast, so give me a call and let's go get 'em! Winter is finally over. It's time to fish. Also, Rick says Hartwell is heating up, so let me know if you would like to spend a day with the Fish Head Spin Doctor... Thanks to all and May God Bless - Jimbo

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Spotted Bass Guide Fishing Report: 2/19/2014

Hey Gang - I have been out a few days over the past couple of weeks. Obviously, the weather, until recently, has not been overly cooperative...LOL. The fishing has been kinda tough to be honest. We have had some days that the bite is decent and you can put together a nice limit. I was out with young William, pictured above right, a little over a week ago. I worked with him first on throwing a baitcaster, and then on fishing a jig with a baitcaster. He did great and popped three good fish on the jig that rounded out a nice limit for our boat that day. I also had a 4 pound largemouth out of 40 feet of water that day...go figure. The jig has been our best offering of late. Timber lines in ditches from 30-50 ft, steep rock, and deeper docks have been the key for us. The fish on the steep rock still come very shallow at times, often 15 feet or less. Moving around alot right now is important. If you are going to get bit in an area, it will happen in the first few casts. If you don't get bit, move on. The warming trend we are in now should move some fish up shallower back in the creeks, and should also strengthen the rock bite as the sun really helps that bite. I will be heading to the BassMasters Classic Expo tomorrow in Birmingham and will be there through the weekend. I am fortunate enough to be representing Shimano and G Loomis during the show. If you are heading over, please make sure to stop by and say hello. Lastly, I want to put in a plug for Jeff Blair. Brandt, one of my good customers and friends, invited me to go crappie fishing on a charter he had booked with Jeff. What a blast! Thanks to Jeff's clicker he uses to keep count, we caught over 180 crappie that day! We are pictured above with our limit, which is 120 for the four of us. I dare you to count them. LOL. Jeff did, and we were right on the money. All the crappie were released alive and well after a day in Jeff's oxygenated live well. If you are looking to catch some Crappie, make sure to look up Jeff - lots of fun! I am at the Classic through Sunday, but I am open most weekdays next week, but booked next weekend. I know the bass will start moving with all this warm weather and will be getting where they need to be...let's go catch 'em. This is a great time of year to catch a monster spot. Thanks to all, and May God Bless - Jimbo

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Guide Service Spotted Bass Fishing Report: 1/22/2014

Hey Gang - I want to start by thanking everyone for keeping me busy even in this crazy weather. I have been out on trips on almost every reasonable weather day this year, and even some not so reasonable - LOL! I am grateful for the business and appreciate each of you very much. Thank you! I am also happy to report that my Skeeter has received a facelift! Thanks to Cibile and her crew at Overboard Designs, my boat looks brand new as you can see from the above picture. They really did a fantastic job on both the carpet and the vinyl seats. It looks great! Also, a shout out to Perry over at Perry's Hi Tech Outboard. He pursues an agressive PM program on my Yamaha that keeps her running perfectly and on the water consistently. I could not stay in business without him - thanks Perry for all you do! The fishing has been fair on most days and good on others. We are to a water temperature that you can't expect a ton of bites during the course of a day, but the ones you get will often be good ones. We have been running 2 productive types of areas and sticking with them each day. We have found big fish on the inside edge of timber lines in ditches as well as on rocky/hard clay features near deep water. The timber line fish are generally in the 30-40 feet range of water depth. A jig, a Davis Shaky Head, and a Fish Head Spin have been our best baits for those areas. Alternately, the fish coming from the rock have been much shallower. Our biggest fish consistently come from 10 feet of water or less, and generally no deeper than about 15 feet. Don't expect to catch more than one fish in an area, and don't expect it to take more than 3 or 4 productive casts to get bit in an area if its going to happen. Fish efficiently, but also, fish SLOW. That is critical, especially in these cold water temps. Our best offerings on the rock have been a crankbait, jig, and a shaky head. With this crazy cold weather and dropping water temperatures, I am going to be experimenting over the next few days with the float and fly technique on Lanier. I spent time learning this technique last winter and really look forward to employing it this year as Polar Vortex's continue to be our weather story. LOL. I will keep you posted on the results and hopefully will post some pictures soon. There is a warm-up coming this weekend, and I have some dates open. For January, I have the following dates remaining: 25, 26, 27, 30, and 31. Give me a call and let's go bust some winter swamp donkeys! I would like to close by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of my outstanding sponsors. Without them, I could not fish for a living. Thank you: G Loomis, Shimano, Lowrance, Seaguar, Lazer Trokar, Sworming Hornet, Hammonds Fishing, Davis Baits, Wackem, Chattahoochee Jigs, JJ's Magic, and May God Bless - Jimbo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Spotted Bass Guide Service Fishing Report: 1/13/2014

Happy New Year Everyone - I sincerely hope that each of you enjoyed a wonderful holdiay season with family and friends. Ours was pretty quiet with no traveling, which was my gift this year. LOL. The lake currently sits at .46 feet over full pool and somewhere between 47 and 48 degrees at daylight, depending on where you launch. The lake came up about a foot with the recent rains. Many of the lower lake creeks are stained from the recent rains, particularly in the very back. The main lake is mostly clear down south, with the best water clarity found on the extreme south end. The bite on Lanier has been pretty good most days the past couple of weeks. I was on trips everyday from the 26th of December through Jan 1st and then most days since then when the weather was somewhat reasonable. The coldest day we fished it was 13 degrees at launch. We still caught 'em that day even though the temp never got above freezing during the trip. We have been fishing the 15-25 feet range on most days, with 20 feet about the average depth where we find most of our biting fish. The fish have not been out as deep consistently for us so far this year. The large majority of our bigger fish have been coming shallow - less than 10 feet in most cases. We often find "numbers" fish out in 15-25, with some scattered fish in 30+. I was out on a trip yesterday and saw more fish out deeper in the timber but they did not seem to cooperate. We tried 'em a bunch, but no takers. Again, we found our biting fish in the 20 foot range. The ditch fish have been cooperating most mornings as you can often show up at daylight and catch some good fish with a fish head spin or scounger directly in the ditch. As the day progresses, you can often find thefish around the docks next to the productive ditches or on rock ledges in the near vicinity. Main lake rock points have remained prodcutive as well and should be tended regularly. Look for those that have deep waternearby to be the most productive. A jig and a Davis Shaky Head have been our most effective presentations overall. We have one of these two baits in our hands 60% of the time or more on most days. I have Tuesday (tomorrow) open and with the front coming Wednesday, it could be a good one and certainly a warm one. I also have Thursday and Saturday open this week as well, in addition to several dates next week. This is a great time to learn winter patterns on Lanier, both shallow and deep. Give me a call and let's go fish! Rick is back up and running on Hartwell after repairing a blown power head, and Craig is still running trips for me on Allatoona and Carters with the Float and Fly if you would like to learn that technique. I have been throwing the fly some on Lanier, and have not crushed them on it yet, but I still look for it to have a place this coming winter. I have been teaching the Float and Fly on Lanier some already this winter, and I can help you with that technique on Lanier as well if you are interested. For fishing reports on other Georgia lakes, please visit: Thanks to all and May God Bless - Jimbo

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Guide Service Fishing Report and Pictures of Spotted Bass: 12/23/2013

Hey Everyone - Merry Christmas from the Jimbo clan here in Cumming! From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday with friends and family. On the fishing front, the lake has came up just a tic...LOL...its now back to almost 2 feet over full pool and today, we found 56 degree water temps in the backs of some creeks. And yes, the bait and the big fish had followed. A Davis Shaky Head around docks seemed to be the best offering and location this afternoon. We tried alot of different areas before settling in on the dock pattern, and it was strong. Jeff, above middle, is sporting one of those toad dock fish from this afternoon. Prior to the front, we had been doing well in creek ditches in the morning with a Fish Head Spin, Jerkbait, and Davis Shaky Head. Most fish had been coming in the 12 -20 feet range. As the day progressed, we were moving to the rock areas and points around creek mouths and throwing a jig, crankbait, and shaky head for our best fish. These fish tended to be the most shallow as our biggest fish were often the most shallow - nearly on the bank in some cases. For the coming week, I have the 27, 28,and 29th open. Also, my traditional New Year's Day customer is not going to make it this year, so I also have New Year's Day open also. Not sure what it is, but we always seem to have a great day on Jan 1st....give me a call and let's go fish! Merry Christmas and May God Bless - Jimbo

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jimbo's Lake Lanier Guide Service Fishing Report: 12/14/2013

Hey Gang - Glad I am not out there today, but we have had a very good week for numbers and big fish as well, even last Sunday during that nasty day that looks just like this one! The ditch bite has really picked up for us over the last week. The classic Fish Head Spin in the ditches is really working well right now. I enjoy this bite and it is a must have in your winter arsenal. We have been starting every morning in the ditches and catching lots of fish and good ones too. In addition to the spots, we have been running into the occasional Largemouth as well. Most of these ditch fish are coming in the 8 - 20 feet depth range. In additon, we are continuing to spend a good amount of time on rocky points, ledges, and bluffs. The rock has also been very consistent for us over the last week and we have been catching some big fish on this pattern, again, both spots and largemouth. The Spro DD Little John has been really good, along with Davis Shaky Heads and Chattahoochee jigs. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking out Zane Smith along with my long-time customer Hector. Zane pitched in the bigs for 13 years in the 80's and 90's, including 6 seasons with the Braves. Just a great guy and a great day - they whacked about 25 fish through the day with their best 5 going 18 pounds. We had a blast and laughed all day. Zane has promised a return trip so I know there are more stories to come on this front. Awesome job fellas! Guys, the weather forecast for the next few days looks awesome! I have the following available this coming week: All day Tuesday & Friday,as well as Thursday morning. Give me a call if you would like to get out and enjoy some beautiful December weather and some great winter fishing! Also, remind your sweethearts to give the gift of Jimbo this Christmas! I sell several gift certificates every Holiday Season and I am told they make great presents! LOL. Give your wives a nudge here and I will make sure you guys enjoy some great trips! Thanks to all, and May God Bless! Jimbo